Released on Oct 18, 2019


RMK's newest single, VooDoo Love, available for purchase and streaming as of 10.18.19


From RMK: " I want to give the biggest thank you to my co-producer, song writer, and DAD -- Kip Kaplan -- for being the real reason why this all exists. None can measure the Love I have for you -- and that took no amount of VooDoo."

Produced by AudioWorks Pro. Group NYC
Written by Kip Kaplan
Lead Vocals - Rory Max Kaplan
Backing Vocals - Rory Max Kaplan and Kip Kaplan


Published on Oct 9, 2015


The second single from his "Full Circle" album.

The Band: Doane Perry; drums; Kasim Sulton, bass; Miles Avery, guitar; Kip Kaplan, keyboard and backing vocal; also featuring Bashiri Johnson, percussion.


Video Directed by Tony Glazer of Choice Films.


Song composition, arrangement, and production by Kip Kaplan of Audioworks Producers Group, NYC.


The track was mixed by Larry Alexander.


Published on Feb 20, 2015


"The Boxer" written by Paul Simon, as performed by RMK in his first music video and itunes single.


The band: Doane Perry, drums; Kasim Sulton, bass; Larry Saltzman, guitar; Mark Rivera, barisax; Kip Kaplan, keyboards, arrangement.

Vocals produced by Frank Fillipetti. Mixed by Larry Alexander. Backing vocals by Terri Klausner and Kip Kaplan.


AudioWorks Producers Group


Published on May 3, 2016


"Billy Bewiderin" is the newest single from the forthcoming album by vocalist Rory Max Kaplan, "Full Circle".


The band: Kasim Sulton, bass; Doane Perry, drums; Gavi Grodsky, guitar, Jason Yudoff, solo piano; and Kip Kaplan, keyboards.

Background vocals: Terri Klausner and Kip Kaplan.


Written, arranged, and produced by Kip Kaplan of Audioworks Producers Group, NYC.


Drums recorded by Travis Dickerson. All other recording engineered by Kip Kaplan.


Mixed by Christian Cummings, of Signal by Sound, San Diego.


All images courtesy of Lauren Morrison Photography.