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"Put the Guns Away" on the newly released

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RMK's anti-gun violence song, Put the Guns Away,

can now be found on the We, The World Album Compilation.

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Put The Guns Away - Rory Max Kaplan
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Put the Guns Away

A collective performing arts project from Rory Max Kaplan and Audioworks Producers Group

Our goal is to reduce gun violence in America​; ​to raise awareness among the population at large; and attract funding from a wide spectrum of sources to make the NRA obsolete and ineffective in America's present political arena.



The arts are a proven, powerful method for persuading people. Encompassing education, communication, and commerce, this performing arts project, combined with historic perspective, will transform a segment of American society through exposure of the song, ​“Put the Guns Away”


Initial ​Contact: 

​Lona Benney Kaplan: llbkaplan@gmail.com


Note from songwriter, Kip Kaplan

I was originally inspired to write the song, based on the events in Ferguson, Missouri over the summer
of 2014. But it wasn’t until the Orlando nightclub shooting of 2016, that I was driven to complete the composition, and commence the audio production with my recording artist, co-producer, and son, Rory Max Kaplan. The concept surrounding this song and its potentially positive effect on our society is of much broader interest to both Rory and myself​.


​Upon​ its’ completion, we looked for the appropriate opportunity to use the power of the song and its’ production, to motivate people to “do something” about gun violence in America. Such an opportunity presented itself when the charitable organization “Broadway Cares” received a copy of “PTGA”, and asked Rory to consider having his fellow cast members from the Broadway show “A Bronx Tale” perform it at the 2017 Easter Bonnet Competition. Rory shared the song with the cast, who immediately committed to performing it on the Minskoff Theater stage for the “Bonnet” in April 2017. And, over 3,400 patrons of the arts watched and listened, then responded with a huge ovation, to their performance.


Once again, the power of the song showed itself. The Board of Directors of “Broadway Cares”, through its’ Director, Tom Viola, emailed Rory a pledge to give a check in the amount of $10,000 to the “anti-gun violence” charity of our choice.

We not only see this gesture as an affirmation of the quality of our cause, the power of the arts, and our song; but a sign that we need to make the song more visible to more people.


We now seek to use the song as an anthem to raise a call to action on a national basis

​ ​to reduce gun violence in our society through a single message, and potentially raise money for the cause on a larger scale, dedicated to bringing awareness and action across America.

​  ​

We pledge to combine our resources toward promoting the song and our united purpose. We believe that news media outlets will f​ind the story of Broadway Cares (broadwaycares.org)​, a performing arts-based NPO, contributing to the cause of reducing gun violence will create a visual narrative of their mission to be newsworthy, especially when the narrative is made available to the public for its’ consumption.