Full Circle Album Cover

EP Release

July 1, 2020


A Creative Collaboration

Between Father and Son

Following his 2019 single release, 'VooDoo Love', RMK's new EP 'Full Circle' encompasses the collaborative journey between father and son. He and his father, Kip Kaplan (AudioWorks, NYC), have been producing music together for over nine years.

"Since his music hadn’t hit the status it was intending to hit way back when, I realized there was all of this original work, just waiting to be uncovered like a classic hot-rod that had been sitting in a garage waiting patiently for the chance to rip up the highway again. So, this album is my homage to a classic sound, giving good, authentic ROCK a voice in 2020" says RMK.

It’s Rock and Roll in the truest sense. Strong, driving drum tracks, rockin’ pianos, dynamic guitars and vocals demonstrating a powerful respect for melodies and unbelievable harmonies. This is Rock and Roll with a twist: Rory Max Kaplan, an artist with legacy.  

The new album was released on July 1st, and is available for streaming and download on all platforms.

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